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Coup de las Salinas in the home of Atlético Maremma


Results of promotion group C – 8th day

Atlético Etruria 1-1 Gambassi (forward)

Atlético Maremma – Salino 0-3

Castiglioncello – Monterotondo 0-0

Forcoli Valdera – Venturina 0-0

Mazzola Valdarbia – Urbino Taccola 2-0

Sporting Cecina – Sant’Andrea 4-0

Rest: Maritime Hills

Below is a scoreboard and a brief report of the matches of the Pisan teams:


Superlative performance by Saline, who wins 3-0 on the court of the main candidate to win the championship and with these three points breaks the quicksand of classification. At 19 ‘the blucerchiati unblocks the score with Favilli, then Saline manages the advantage, resisting even in the phases of greater push from the opponents, and in the final minutes he places the one-two that closes the games with Filippi, in an assist of Rossi, and Rossi himself

The party report

ATHLETIC MAREMMA: Pancotto, Ferraro, Scalabrelli, Sgherri, Federici, Rigutini, Rosati, Vettori, Brutti, Costanzo, Presicci. Available: Bigoni, Pastorelli, Villani, Natali, Gravina, Giudici, Bianciardi, Capitale, Nieto. Coach: Lorenzini.

SALINAS: Puccioni, Canessa, Burchianti, Barbafiera, Filippi, Spagnoli, Favilli, Nuzzi, Rossi, Pacini, Cavallini. Available: Ringressi, Burchianti, Matteo, Oldoli, Di Giulio, Ciampi, Braccini, Balbuena. All .: Guarguaglini.

REFEREE: Pianigiani of Siena

GOALS: 19 ‘Favilli, 90’ Filippi, 92 ‘Rossi


In the “Brunner” the fear of losing wins, so Forcoli and Venturina hit a draw that no one needs. A match that is anything but spectacular and lacking in remarkable opportunities, the final result with white nets is the right consequence. The only jolts of the first half were a shot from the edge of Taddei for Venturina, deflected to a corner, while for Forcoli a shot from Borselli; in the second part Bulleri saves Fiorini, on the opposite side Berrugi intervenes on Fiorentini.

The party report

FORCOLI VALDERA: Bulleri, Pellegrini, Marianelli, Bonfigli, Benvenuti, Salvini, Borselli, Favarin, Fiorentini, Mori, Migliarini. Available: Salvadori, Giusti, Cheikna, Martolini, Cardini, Tamberi, Bettini, Micheletti. All .: Natalie.

VENTURINA: Berrugi, Bastieri, Del Conte, Mori, Lancioni, Ghelardi, Taddei, Fiorini, Biagioni, Pantani, Giacomini. Available: Fabiani, Canapini, Garzella A., Garzella C., Lodovici, Neri, Martini, Poli. All .: Madau.

REFEREE: Giannini de Pontedera


Despite the change of coach this week, with the arrival of new coach Roventini, Urbino Taccola continues to lose, this time at the home of a recovering Mazzola Valdarbia. An ugly match in terms of the game, decided by two injuries to the host defense that allowed the Sienese to score with Vitali at the end of the first half and Stolzi at the beginning of the second, in a 0-0 match as shown. both teams on the field of play.

The party report

MAZZOLA VALDARBIA: Florindi, Marzocchi, Di Marco, Fabbrini, Mario, Palumbo, De Iorio, Lorenzetti, Vitali, Violetta, Stolzi. Available: Cicino, Neri, Mazza, Baroni, Ejupi, Scortecci, Bandini, Fontani, Viti. All .: Pezzatini.

URBINO TACCOLA: Collavoli, Collecchi, Lazzerini, Taglioli, Laniyonu, Pasquini, Franchi, Cecchi, Principe, Nardi, Ghelardoni. Available: Guidetti, Gelli, Coulibaly, Pillotta, Gulisano, Cioni, Toni. Coach: Roventini.

REFEREE: Zmau de Prato

Goals: 42 ‘Vitali, 46’ Stolzi

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