Touchscreen Self-Service Administrative Points (KIOSKs) will assist with quick and automated administration at government windows and document offices across the country.

The KIOSK tool forms a bridge between the personal and electronic administration space, since in the first phase 12 types of cases will be handled without queuing and without the intervention of an administrator – quotes Károly Hajzer, Undersecretary of State for Technology of the Information from the Ministry of the Interior.

Hajzer to FM trendfor said that such a touchscreen column will be available in 9 locations this year; and the type of entry case will be the application for an identity card, driver’s license or passport. According to the Undersecretary of State, government offices are also undergoing minor architectural alterations to use the KIOSK to keep the administrative columns in a sheltered place, but at the same time to be available to people outside office hours from 0 to 24 hours .

At the press event announcing the implementation phase of the EU-funded project, Katalin Uzsák, Undersecretary of State for the Operation of the Territorial Administration, said that by the end of 2022, the KIOSK system will be available in 301 windows government and six document offices. According to him, “its use becomes as daily a routine for customers as it is for an ATM.”

Károly Hajzer to FM trendIn an interview with, he also promised that the KIOSK would be installed outside government windows and document offices. The undersecretary of state cited post offices as an example.

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