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COVID-19: “One cough left us all-but it’s worth the risk” | UK News


The outdoor restaurant smells the same as before the pandemic.

The scent of spaghetti bolognese and rosemary potatoes is full of the scent of tobacco and hand sanitizers.

For Londoners, it was the last escape before the Tier 3 restrictions were applied to the capital.

Diana and her boyfriend Rauff haven’t seen much of each other since the pandemic began. They find a table away from the crowd to enjoy a quiet coffee.

“I was lacking in socializing and meeting people, but I was worried that it was very crowded because it was the last night of freedom,” says Diana.

“That’s why we sat on this kind of island,” explains Rauff. “We try to be careful, but we also enjoy going out.”

But not everyone is here for a quiet night.

College students Taslima, Samia, Sumaya, and their eye-catching false eyelashes embrace the freedom of the last night.

Sumaya, Taslima and Samia head for freedom last night

“We are trying to get the most out of the last day before entering Tier 3. We are all doing essays at home,” What do you know, we will be voluntary. “Let’s do it,” so we jumped out, “Taslima said before the interruption.

“I didn’t know it was the last day, so I just thought I should get the most out of it,” Samia says while taking selfies with her friends.

According to Sumaya, this night is a perfect “see-off” before Christmas holidays, but with concerns.

Londoners enjoy the last meal and drink before the new measures come into effect
Londoners enjoy the last meal and drink before the new measures come into effect

“There are so many people here that I’m a little scared of getting the coronavirus,” she says before Samia interrupts again.

“I coughed once and we’re all gone, but it’s worth the risk.”

Sumaya is facing her friends. “Is it worth the risk?” She asks.

“The school is open,” Samia replies. “So why can’t we go out?”

Soho is crowded with people saying goodbye before Tier 3 shuts down. Few people admit that they are willing to break the blockade rules to meet friends and family at Christmas.

Dominic Chevida is an Indian athlete training for the Olympics. His concerns, which he recovered from COVID-19 just a month ago, appear to be as mild as his symptoms were.

“I know what the virus is and how terrible it can be,” he says. “It’s pretty calm to me, and I think the numbers we see are tricky. There’s so much fear and anxiety around us.”

Outside the Sondheim Theater, a small crowd rises at 10:10 pm.

Returning spectators stop chatting while waiting for a taxi. Most of them seem to have enjoyed this year’s final performance of the famous West End Les Miserables.

Many are dressed up on this occasion-the last chance to have a party before the West End is silent.

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