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Walmart PS5 Restock Update: It's gone – where to look next

Walmart PS5 Restock Update: It’s gone – where to look next

Wednesday update: The restocking of the Walmart PS5 has been updated with disappointing news: “This item is out of stock.” Your next hope will be one of the following US stores:

Especially for Sony Direct, as the PS5 inventory is steadily released, a paid PSN account (bot limit) is required, and December 17 is advertised as the final day to ship in time for Christmas. I am paying attention. A final replenishment is required between now and Thursday.

Editor’s Note: We got confirmation that our PS5 replenishment tracker helped my sister, the buyer who is at least relentlessly trying. There is evidence for those who suspect that someone is going to check out – Walmart PS5 Order Confirmation. Apparently it took a lot of refreshment and good luck, but my nephew is getting a PS5 for Christmas (or a few days of the New Year). In other words, everyone, keep trying.

(Image credit: Future)

Update 1: Wal-Mart replenishes PS5 about every 10 minutes. Currently, it is displayed as follows. “This item [PS5] I’ll be back at 3:40 pm (Eastern Standard Time), “a similar message was displayed at 3:30 pm, 3:20 pm, etc. before it sold out again. I still have hope.

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