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Cowboys Gameball: Unexpected Starter Marks Game

Cowboys Gameball: Unexpected Starter Marks Game

The· Dallas Cowboys You can thank their defense and special teams for many of the reasons they took the lead in the win San Francisco 49ers.. The defense provided three turnovers, including two intercepts later in the game. The special team also added a turnover, with CeeDee Lamb scoring with kick-off returns before and after the kick-off. Overall, these two phases of the game helped to occupy 24 of the Cowboys’ 41 points.

But you still need to cash those sales, and the Cowboys attack was able to do that. They did it in a week when Ezekiel Elliott wasn’t able to play in the first match because he was injured in his NFL career. That meant Tony Pollard was in the limelight and he produced it. For his efforts, we award him this week’s game ball.

It wasn’t a great running day for Pollard, as many of the problems with the Cowboys running game turned out to be in the blocks of the attack line. Zeke has consistently had problems behind this line this season, but now Pollard also has problems. However, Pollard offers what Sieg’s game lacked: home runs. Pollard’s 40-yard dash for touchdowns later in the game was a play that Zeke couldn’t see anymore, and it was a dagger to clean up the game.

Pollard also showed a more secure hand in the pass game, compensating for his low yard per most carry average in the game with some quality runs after the catch, including an effort of 30 yards. In this game, Pollard had 12 carries at 69 yards, 2 touchdowns, and added 6 catches at 63 yards. He absolutely insisted on more touches in the future.

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Honorable Mention

Jules Dan Lewis -The Cowboys’ small cornerbacks were everywhere in the game, accumulating six tackles, one sack, another losing tackle, and keypass splits along the goal line. This creates two consecutive games in which Lewis shines.

Sales gang -Drance Armstrong and Demarcus Lawrence caused fumble, Armstrong recovered one and Ardon Smith recovered the other. Donovan Wilson and Anthony Browne added interception. The Cowboys are finally growing in sales, slower than ever.

CeeDee Lamb -The Cowboys rookie outperformed the team with an 85-yard receive, including a 45-yard player with a touchdown. Technically he should have fallen into the ball, but he also scored onside kicks. Still, he’s a playmaker, adding a 16-yard punt return.

Chidobe Awuzie -He didn’t get turnovers or sackes like his fellow secondary members, but there were eight tackles in the game. For a running team like the 49ers, you need a corner to join the tackle. Awuzie also split the two paths.