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Crypto Solar Tree: Electric Bike Maker Daymak Enables Environmentally Friendly Crypto Mining | News


?? Canadian company Daymak wants to make crypto mining more environmentally friendly

?? For this, the company has developed the so-called Crypto Solar Tree

?? This can generate up to eleven kilowatts of energy with solar and wind power.

Cryptocurrency mining is very harmful to the environment due to high energy consumption. According to the Tagesschau, virtual currencies are often produced on large “mining farms” in countries with low electricity prices. Most of the electricity is obtained from fossil fuels. Canadian electric bike maker Daymak, which also wants to build electric cars and small electric planes under the Avvenire label in 2022, now wants to enable emission-free crypto mining with a new product.

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The function of the Crypto Solar tree

According to a press release, the product is the so-called Crypto Solar Tree, which can generate up to eleven kilowatts of energy with solar and wind power. As the name suggests, the Crypto Solar Tree looks like a futuristic tree with its integrated solar panels, wind turbines, and an energy storage device with the option to store electricity for up to two days. The energy produced can be used, for example, to charge the manufacturer’s electronic vehicles or to mine emission-free cryptocurrencies. For this, the company, which was founded in 2002, has developed the so-called Nebula technology, which allows the mining and management of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and Dogecoin. According to the specially created website, this works so effectively that the futuristic cipher tree should pay off after 24 months. Also, the Crypto Solar Tree has a 5G connection and external mining hardware can be connected. According to Daymak, the trees can be installed in private gardens, as well as in public parks or off-grid locations. For areas without access to clean, running water, Crypto Solar Tree also offers a water collection and purification system. “The Crypto Solar Tree is a natural addition to the Daymak ecosystem and serves as one of its many uses as a renewable charging station for our vehicles. The additional electricity generated can be used to mine crypto or sell it to the grid, converting these trees into a passive source of income And for those who believe that all crypto mining is harmful to the environment, the Crypto Solar Tree should be a big step in the right direction, “said Aldo Baiocchi, President of Daymak.

Three models are offered

According to Daymak, the Crypto Solar Tree, which won’t ship until 2023, can be reserved with a deposit of $ 5,000. In case of withdrawal of the purchase, this amount will be refunded. In addition, you can choose between three models (Standard, Deluxe and Ultimate). The affordable model costs $ 14,999 and is equipped with a one-kilowatt wind turbine, three-kilowatt solar panels, 12-kilowatt-hour batteries, and app-controlled hazy miners. The most expensive model, said to cost $ 49,950, has five 5-kilowatt wind turbines, six-kilowatt solar panels, 25-kilowatt-hour batteries and app-controlled foggy miners, as well as a water purification unit.

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