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Cryptocurrency fraud: Faze clan fires e-athlete Kay after scam

Cryptocurrency fraud: Faze clan fires e-athlete Kay after scam

Crypto scandal on the esports scene!

The Faze clan of gamers was among the largest esports organizations in the world and is by far the most popular team. The Faze Clan is followed by around 5.5 million users on Twitter alone.

Now a scandal ensued: The gaming group fired one of its players and suspended three other members. The reason: Members Kay (civil: Frazier Khattri), Jarvis (Jarvis Khattri), Nikan (Nikan Nadim) and Teeqo (Teeqo Jakob) had announced the crypto currency “Save The Kids” on their social media profiles in early June . .

The problem: The new coin turned out to be a scam within days of its launch, and its value fell by more than 60 percent. Users who listened to the gaming influencers lost a large part of their invested money.

All four Faze members appeared in promotional videos for the new digital currency, praising the “bright side” of the new crypto currency. Because: A small part of the income from the coin must be used for charitable purposes.

Later everything turned out to be a great castle in the air. Speculators are said to have bought cheap coins in droves before the inception of cryptocurrency. They then launched a large-scale ad campaign through which many cryptocurrency traders invested in “Save the Kids.” Then just two days after trading started, large amounts of coins were sold when the value of the coin peaked. The result: the course plunged into the abyss.

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The fan accusation against the murdered e-athletes: They knew about the project and put money on the fans. The Faze Clan reacted harshly and kicked her out.

On Friday night, the organization apologized to its followers on Twitter.