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Cybercrime: Internet and media:

Cybercrime: Internet and media:

It is recommended to turn off Wi-Fi at all times when not in use, as scammers have many technical capabilities to steal data in their arsenal. This was announced by the director of information security of the company Awillix Alexander Gerasimov in an interview with the agency “Prime”.

“For example, once you have connected to the MT_FREE network, a smartphone will always connect to networks with this name without prior notice. An attacker only needs to create his own access point with the name MT_FREE, and the smartphone will connect to it, ”said the expert. According to him, after that, scammers can intercept traffic, see transmitted passwords and bank card numbers.

Additionally, cybercriminals can create a captive phishing portal, a page that opens after connecting to a Wi-Fi network and requires the user to perform some actions to gain access to the Internet. Through it, scammers can collect personal data from victims.

Former ESET Cybersecurity Expert Jack Moore He said about the dangers of the popular WhatsApp messenger. He also mentioned ways to protect the messaging app from scammers and hackers. Moore does not recommend that users connect to unknown Wi-Fi networks on a smartphone without using a VPN, because in this case, hackers can find the unique MAC address of the phone and use it to obtain the victim’s data. The expert also urged to download the WhatsApp application only from trusted sources, from the official App Store or Google Play.