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Dall'Oglio l'avoue "jouer le PSG, ce n'est pas le meilleur des scénarios"

Dall’Oglio admits that “playing for PSG is not the best scenario”

Olivier Dall’Oglio, the Brest coach, spoke on the sidelines of the match against Montpellier, a 0-0 draw. He looked ahead to the future clash with Paris Saint-Germain next Sunday as part of matchday 38 of Ligue 1. And he very lucidly agreed that it was not the best possible scenario to score points to avoid the play-off and the possible relegation in Ligue 2.

Dall’Oglio « In general, I am quite proud of the team.«

“We are going to play against PSG, it is not the best scenario, but it is still a game, which we will play with courage. And then, if after the results are unfavorable for us like tonight, if we have to go to the play-offs, we will be determined to play this play-off thoroughly to stay in Ligue 1. I felt it in the locker room. In general, I am quite proud of the team, because we have not always had this discipline. Today it is there, it bodes well for the future. “

The Brestois coach is right to think later. They will play against a PSG who will have no choice but to win. For Brest, he feels the difficulty of taking the points. Even if Brest plays maintenance and the players will necessarily be motivated, they will not face a team on vacation. But Brest can, at worst, be a blitz, which wouldn’t send them straight into Ligue 2. Brest is a team that plays, but lacks quality, efficiency. This should help the Parisians win in a crucial game.

But in football nothing is written in advance, you should never assume your strength, PSG learned it the hard way and could regret it on Sunday around 11 at night. But it’s still nice to see PSG fight in Ligue 1. Maybe everyone has gotten too used to being too easy, and often having a hard time helps you refocus in the future. Next Monday will be the time to take stock of this season.

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