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Data Leakage of Millions of VPN Users Through Android Devices

Data Leakage of Millions of VPN Users Through Android Devices

The Russian newspaper Kommersant announced that the data of 21 million VPN users through Android devices had been leaked to the Internet.

According to media reports, “the data of users of VPN services through applications such as SuperVPN, GeckoVPN and ChatVPN has been made available for sale through the dark websites, as this data included email addresses, passwords and user names of the aforementioned applications, as well as the serial numbers of the users’ devices and the types of phones and devices they used with these applications. “

The information above also indicated that SuperVPN user data was leaked over the internet last summer, and technology experts believe that the reason behind the data breaches that occurred is the “negligence” of officials and officials. responsible for the aforementioned application servers in dealing with users. data.

Today, VPN services are one of the common means that some people use to hide the IP addresses of their devices when browsing the blocked internet sites in some countries, and a way to protect your private data while using the internet.

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