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Date confirmed and COMP tips to use!


Brawlidays Challenge: Date confirmed and COMP tips to use!

The TWEET from Community Manager Brawl Stars Dani has arrived and confirmed that the Brawlidays challenge will be played next weekend!

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What is the Brawlidays Challenge?

What is the Brawlidays Challenge?

The Brawlidays Challenge it’s a monthly challenge, like the Brawl-o-ween Challenge, only this time instead of being a team of 3 it’s a DUO Survival challenge. The first on Brawl Stars in DUO, where you will have to play 4 different maps and 12 games to reach the final prize.

The Brawlidays Challenge will be available in-game on Saturday January 16th and January 17th!

What do you win in the Brawlidays Challenge?

What do you win in the Brawlidays Challenge?

The final prize of the Brawlidays Challenge is the new skin of BO Warrior, which you can see above, a skin that has no custom effects but only the change of texture. If you don’t manage to win the Brawlidays Challenge don’t worry, it will be possible to buy this skin in the Brawl Stars shop for 30 gems, exactly 1 week after the challenge, therefore from about January 23 onwards (even if the PARTNERS have confirmed from January 29 ).

What maps will there be? Equal comp to use in the Brawlidays Challenge?

As always Sparx needs your help to give you the best brawlers in the Brawl Stars meta for these maps and trust me because they are the same comp that one of the strongest players in the world “TOM” recommended.

Let’s start by talking about the maps, which will be 4 and are:

  1. Skull Torrent
  2. Plain of hunger
  3. Rocky Valley
  4. Acid Lakes

Obviously now you are wondering: “Hey Sparx can you advise me which brawler to use for each map?”. Of course I do, but first I would like to invite you to support me on Youtube to reach the 50,000 subscribers as soon as possible, if you want to help me CLICK HERE.

Comps to win Skull Torrent

Of all the brawlers, Colt and Bea were selected to still be OP brawlers thanks to their gadgets, Byron and Edgar to be new and therefore still strong and then Mister P and Jacky are great in this map full of walls. So create a nice match between these six Brawlers.

Comp to win Hunger Plain

As always the same thing for Colt and Bea and also for Byron and Edgar, the only difference is that here I recommend that you use both Spike and Bo very useful in this map.

The comp to win Rocky Valley

Standard for Colt, Bea, Byron and Edgar and as usual a map full of walls where Mr. P and Jacky are also very strong just like for Skull Creek.

Comps to win Acid Lakes

Here the same is true of the other maps, as these are the strongest brawlers in the meta for these maps, only unlike the previous map here it is better to use Brock because there are more open spaces.

These are the strongest brawlers to use in the Brawlidays challenge and I hope you can win the skin thanks to my tips! Also in a few days I will do a live to train all together on these maps in DUO in order to find us ready for the challenge and if you do not want to miss this live to train SUBSCRIBE to my channel YOUTUBE

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