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Republic / DOES YOU ALWAYS BUILD YOUR PHONE?  Do this simple trick and speed up your device

Republic / DOES YOU ALWAYS BUILD YOUR PHONE? Do this simple trick and speed up your device Central

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The limited memory of your Android can fill up very easily and applications often create new files to store information. Staging data has a common name “cache” (that is, “cache”). You can try cleaning it if your whole phone is slower or just one app.

Your phone uses temporary data in files, which it “remembers” quickly each time you open the application. For example, Spotify can save your frequently used playlists so you don’t have to reload them every time, and Chrome saves large photos of some pages so you don’t have to reload them when you visit them.

The cache is only useful in “your” program; Simply put, Spotify doesn’t use the Instagram cache. Once the application decides that the stored data is no longer useful, it will discard it along with the associated cache data.

The cache is not only used in Android, it also exists in browsers, software and operating systems. Without it, your computer would reload a photo from the internet or an application over and over again each time you access it.

How to clear cache on Android?

Modern versions allow you to clear the cache of individual applications. The “corrupted” cache generally means that the application will not function properly. If you’re running out of space, clearing the cache in apps could give you a few megabytes of space.

This way you can clear the cache on Android 11 (and some earlier ones, because the principle is more or less the same).

  • Open Settings and select Storage.
  • Other applications will take you to a list of applications installed on your phone.
  • Select the application whose cache you want to clear. To find out which one takes up the most space, click on the three dots in the upper right corner of the screen and select the “Sort by size” option.
  • On the application information page, select the Clear cache option.

If you opt for Clear Storage, you will delete all the data that the application uses; you will get the version you had when you first installed the application.

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