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احذفها فورا.. 9 تطبيقات على هواتف الأندرويد تستطيع كشف كل أسرارك

Delete it immediately … 9 apps on Android phones that can detect all Ace

1:16 pm

Wednesday, January 13, 2021

The risks for smartphone users have increased; And the company “Check Point”, specialized in electronic security, warned about applications that hide inside malware that can control the phone and seize private data, such as photos, messages and contacts. The company identified the list of applications that carry this malicious software, and recommended eliminating them immediately, which are:




Google Play service

Idea security



girls wallpaper

Wifi password cookie

According to Sky News, Check Point experts explained that the virus can control the phone remotely and is called “Rouge”.

The US magazine “Forbes” said that the virus targets Android phones, hides its logo to avoid detection, and misleads users by taking away powers and permissions. The malware masquerades as being responsible for all of the standard Google services built into the phone and has access to the phone’s microphone and camera.

Rog can make and record calls, send text messages, steal messages and contacts, record audio, take screenshots, track location, delete files, install applications, as well as access the WhatsApp database on an infected device and delete all saved messages.

And experts advised “Check Point” to combat malicious software to constantly update the operating system, avoid downloading free applications from unknown developers, and install reliable antivirus programs.

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