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Delete it immediately ... a dangerous app on your phone that steals your data - technology

Delete it immediately … a dangerous app on your phone that steals your data – technology

Technical experts warned of the danger of the “Super VPN” app, even though it has been downloaded more than 100 million times so far, as it spies on smartphones and steals personal data.

Experts emphasized the need to remove it from the phone immediately due to its concealment of malicious spyware and its involvement in the data breach of millions of users.

The American magazine “Forbes”, in a report, warned about “VPN” applications, especially the free ones, and the “Super VPN” application in particular.

The company responsible for the application “VPN Pro” said: “More than 105 million people can suffer the theft of their credit card data, and their photos and videos are sold over the Internet and record their private conversations” due to these applications, noting that these applications allow “hackers to intercept communications between the user and the provider, and even redirect users to the server of a malicious hacker.”

VPN apps, which are banned in several countries, aim to create a “path” between your device and the internet and route your traffic through a server to hide your location and internet activity. These applications have become more common in recent years.

According to Sky News Arabia, the Cyber ​​News team warned that “a user on a popular hacker forum sells 3 databases allegedly containing user credentials and their device data, from three different VPN services.

The site stated that the breach included details of approximately 21 million users, with data including names, email addresses, payment information, and even device details.

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