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Detailed Key Data: Techpowerup Launches Extensive SSD Database

Image: Techpowerup

Fans of SSD technology looking for detailed information beyond the meager manufacturer datasheets have a new place to go: the website’s SSD Database, launched today. tech enhancer Even the smallest detail.

SSD manufacturers often only provide the form factor, interface, maximum possible transfer rates, and write limit (TBW). Sometimes it is also specified which type of controller and which type of NAND flash memory is used.

the SSD Techpowerup Database it goes far beyond that. There you will find detailed information right down to the controller architecture, its clock frequencies, memory channels, and manufacturing process. In addition, the NAND flash memory used is described in detail: in addition to information about the architecture, levels (layers), or chip size, there are values ​​for die-level performance or an estimate of possible write cycles. .

Techpowerup launches a complete SSD database (Image: Techpowerup)

Not all of the information that Brazilian computer technician Gabriel Ferraz and a friend collected and entered is always available. From now on, the database will also be supplemented with the help of community feedback.

Unfortunately, the sources of the data are not given, so not everything can be verified. In a brief email exchange with the operators, ComputerBase learned that, in addition to SSD manufacturers’ datasheets, trade show presentations, analysis of technological perspectives or incorporate your own experiences based on evidence.