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"Devil Immortal" is off to a bad start.  BILD shows who is affected - games

“Devil Immortal” is off to a bad start. BILD shows who is affected – games

It’s the biggest new mobile game release of the year, and it’s threatening to be a debacle. In the Google and Apple app stores, players are complaining about problems with “Diablo Immortal”. BILD explains what problems occur and who is affected.

All kinds of graphical difficulties.

Many fans complain about incorrect representations. One user writes on Google Playstore: “Unfortunately, cannot play on Samsung Note 10+ due to serious graphical errors”, another complains: “The game crashes directly when launched and the message *repair client* is on”. bottom left, but nothing happens.”

The issue mainly affects Samsung devices that are powered by Exynos chipset (including Galaxy A12, A13, A51 S10, Note 10). In fact, the game just doesn’t seem to work here or just displays with severe graphical bugs.

The situation is similar with some Xiaomi cell phone models. Here, too, users complain of problems.

silent pleasure

There are also many complaints in the Apple App Store. Here it is the sound that causes difficulties for users. There are now instructions online on how to make the game play music and sound effects (essentially: close other background apps, turn off Do Not Disturb, and possibly use Bluetooth headphones).

Owners of older iPhones also complain that “Diablo Immortal” won’t run, even though developer Blizzard allows the app to be downloaded.

It doesn’t matter if it’s an iPhone or an Android device: one problem unites all smartphones: the “High Quality” mode with improved graphic quality promised by Blizzard is not yet supported on cell phones.

not all affected

Regardless of the issues, the app has so far been rated highly by many users. “Immortal” has 4.7 stars out of over 144,000 reviews on Google and 3.9 stars out of around 650 reviews on Apple.

For everyone else, Blizzard’s game launch announcement now appears in a different light. He says: “On June 2, hell is everywhere.”