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Splitgate Beta Season 2: Everything New: Modes, Maps, and More

Splitgate is starting the second beta season and doing some new things for it! Source: 1047 Games

Splitgate Beta Season 2 has started! The portal shooter from developer and publisher 1047 Games has received its next major update and now offers players more content than ever before! In addition to technical improvements to the game and the server, there are three new game modes, map reworks, a new Battle Pass, a new progression system, and much more to discover.

Also, you work with newly added designers, which has a significant impact on the quality of cosmetic items offered in the Battle Pass. Splitgate is currently in open beta on PC, Xbox, and PlayStation. With over 15 million downloads in the second half of 2021 alone, the innovative first-person shooter was one of last year’s surprise hits. Unfortunately, the great initial hype could not be sustained, also due to technical problems. However, with the release of Season 2, new winds could find their way into the split sails.

This is new in season 2

After the launch of the first Splitgate Beta Season on January 27 of this year, 1047 Games is now continuing the path that, according to its managers, should end up turning Splitgate into a true AAA shooter. But what news can be found in Season 2?

Abyss Remaster

Splitgate “old-timers” should be pleased to learn that one of the community’s favorite maps, Abyss, is getting a remastered version that aims to further simplify gameplay there and maximize gameplay. A comparison video for the asymmetric map has been available since a few days:

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Three new game modes

There are three new game modes in Splitgate Beta Season 2, which should offer something for every type of player. The first thing to mention in this context would be “hot zones”, a new twist on the well-known “King of the Hill” gameplay that we have already seen in other first-person shooters.

To score there, you must keep a certain area unopposed for a total of 30 seconds. As soon as an opponent is in the box, the clock stops. The “hot zone” moves to a different location on the map after a team manages to complete those 30 seconds. The first team to score three points (casual play) or six points (ranked play) wins the game. There is a 10 minute time limit for ranked and regular games.

Hotzone should stand out from other King of the Hill game modes, especially in terms of tension. Due to the low number of points awarded, a comeback should almost always be possible, while otherwise the top team can quickly “snowball”.

split door hot zones
“Hot Zones” is one of three new game modes in Splitgate Beta Season 2. Source: 1047 Games

The second new game mode is called “lockdown‘ or in English ‘lockdown’. It is also a revision or reinterpretation of a game mode that shooter experts already know. domination. Here, too, there was often an issue with very one-sided games quickly losing their tension as the rounds progressed, explains 1047 Games. That’s why things should be different here in Splitgate.

Instead of constantly getting points for constantly increasing held zones, in Lockdown you have to control all three available points at the same time to get a point. The three “hills” are then moved, whoever gets two points first (or three on the ranking list) wins. There is also a time limit of ten minutes. 1047 Games compares the gameplay to real football, where a goal scored is a rare and precious moment of luck. This is what a successful move should feel like during lockdown.

split door lock
The second new mode is called “Lockdown” and is a modified “Domination” game mode. Source: 1047 Games

The third and last new game mode is called “giant‘ and it really makes you sweat. At the reveal event, Juggernaut received the most positive feedback of all the new modes. It’s about becoming the Juggernaut yourself. He accumulates points for every second he spends in this role. All the other players chase after him. Whoever kills the Juggernaut, who has increased health and speed, becomes the new Juggernaut. Juggernauts cannot place portals for this.

Only the final shot at the current Juggernaut will determine who gets the next role. So, on the one hand, you are in a team with all the hunters, but you still have to act tactically. Whoever has accumulated the most points as the Juggernaut at the end wins.

Giant Splitgate Mods
The third and final new game mode is Juggernaut. All against one. Source: 1047 Games

Starting with Splitgate’s second beta season, the 4v4 ladder will feature Lockdown and Hotzone game modes, and Team Deathmatch will be available there as well. Juggernaut, on the other hand, is available through quick play and can be played in waiting lobbies. However, the Splitgate Pro series season retains the King of the Hill and Domination game modes.

New progression system

The way you progress through Splitgate also changes with Season 2. There will be a new Pro system that will grant you a new Pro level every 100 levels. The previous progress will become the first login. Each Pro level gives you a permanent XP bonus of one percent, up to a maximum of ten percent.

splitgate pro levels season 2
The progression system will also be adjusted in Beta Season 2. Source: 1047 Games

All other information about custom badges, levels and the entire level system can be found here here.

Finally, it should also be noted that map builders will benefit from an improved map builder. For example, parts of the terrain will now automatically connect to each other, unlike before, a sense of proportion is no longer necessary. There is more on this in this video:

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Splitgate Beta Season 2 Official Trailer

You can watch the official Splitgate Season 2 Beta Trailer here and get your own impression of the new content:

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