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Didn't you understand the concept?  A video that explains everything

Didn’t you understand the concept? A video that explains everything

Just days after his stealth but noticed appearance during Sony’s state of play, Deathloop is already in the limelight with a new video posted by the creators of Arkane Lyon. In fact, it is through IGN Fan Fest 2021 (which took place a few days ago) that the director of the game, Dinga Bakaba, spoke again about the concept of the game and this famous time-loop mechanic. We learn that the hero, Colt, will systematically wake up on the island of Blackreef, where his mission is to assassinate 8 targets in less than a day. If the player has the possibility to kill his targets in any order, they evolve in 4 different districts of the island, with additional time periods that are divided as follows: morning, noon, afternoon, night.The concept of the game is to systematically start the same loop again, it is by repeating things that we will store knowledge and thus evolve during the day, knowing that Colt will be able to count on powers to facilitate the task. In Arkane Lyon’s video, we are constantly told that time is on our side and that death is only the beginning. Which means that you will have to be patient and rigorous to visualize all the possibilities to get out of this endless day. Answer May 21, 2021, game release date on PC and PS5.

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