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THEY CAN'T HIDE FROM HIM: Chinese show a ship that sees "stealth" planes (VIDEO)

THEY CAN’T HIDE FROM HIM: Chinese show a ship that sees “stealth” planes (VIDEO)

It is an improved “Type 052D” destroyer, and three units have been built so far.

It participated in exercises in the Yellow Sea along with seven other new warships, China National Radio reported.

The advanced destroyer “Type 052DL” has an extended flight deck for helicopters, as well as a new radar with a wavelength of one meter, which is supposedly capable of detecting stealth aircraft.

The radar operates on an extremely long wavelength, reportedly allowing it to detect stealth aircraft, designed to avoid radars with shorter wavelengths.

The ship also carries 64 rocket launchers that can use various anti-aircraft, anti-aircraft and anti-submarine missiles.

According to the Global Times, this ship is called “Huainan”, after a Chinese city in Anhui province.

Long-wavelength radar technology is not new, and its downside is that it needs more receivers to efficiently determine the location of the detected object, experts say.

However, in addition to that radar, the Chinese destroyer has other electronic systems, such as the AESA radar and others.


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