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“Digital Twin”: this is the Porsche AI ​​to predict car wear


Porsche’s digital twin (Photo: Porsche Mexico)

to digital twin, is the new intelligent system that will launch Porsche in its next line of cars, which will allow to predict the wear of specific components according to the handling and use of the driver.

“This is one virtual copy from an existing object, which enables information-based analysis, monitoring and diagnostics without the challenges and limitations of real-world testing, ”Porsche said in a statement.

As detailed in the digital twin of a vehicle will not only understand the operational data it collects, but also any data related to the work of maintenance planned and repairs unexpected. Thus, the digital twin It exists in the memories of the control unit and in the databases maintained in the Porsche centers.

The brand points out that the “main advantage of digital twins is that they can network and combine information with a centralized intelligence system”.

Porsche will integrate new software into its vehicles (Photo: Europa Press)
Porsche will integrate new software into its vehicles (Photo: Europa Press)

According to their research, this system will benefit vehicles and therefore individual drivers, since take relevant data to generate a complete map of the car.

“An algorithm can compare ‘big data’ with sensor data from the powertrain and chassis of a specific vehicle to identify a customer’s driving style. So the algorithm can recommend not only the optimal time for service work on the vehicle, but also the required scope of that work. “

That information will allow you to customize service intervals and allow service of specific components as needed and based on how the driver uses their particular car.

The system will be focused on the chassis (Photo: Europa Press)
The system will be focused on the chassis (Photo: Europa Press)

An example of this is that the suspension bushings in a sports car are heavily used on a race track so the system will give advance notice when it is the right time to be taken for maintenance. On the contrary, service work on the engine is more important to the vehicles they are driven primarily for long distances on motorways.

“Potential component wear and even failures can be identified before they actually occur, which is a significant advantage from an engineering perspective. security”Says Porsche.

This concept of digital twin in which the brand’s software specialists have worked, is focused on the chassis, which they call Chasis twin. This project is now being managed by CARIAD, the independent automotive software company within the Volkswagen Group.

Porsche will improve its cars with the digital twin system (Photo: Europa Press)
Porsche will improve its cars with the digital twin system (Photo: Europa Press)

They explain that focusing on the chassis is because it is subjected to the highest loads, especially when the vehicle is used on race tracks. “Sensor technology in the vehicle and the intelligent neural algorithms used for centralized analysis allow the load on the chassis to be detected inside the vehicle and transmitted to the driver ”.

Likewise, this intelligent use of car information allows the driver and his passengers to have a safer trip, since any damage will be identified before the user himself or even the workshop finds it.

Finally, it should be noted that the information privacy of each of the vehicles, including those in the test class, is a priority for the brand, so before starting the Porsche system, it asks customers to give their consent to collect data anonymously.


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