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Documentary Honeypot: Inside Prometheus - Rapid Rise to IT Monitoring Standard

Documentary Honeypot: Inside Prometheus – Rapid Rise to IT Monitoring Standard

The employment platform Honeypot, specialized in technological jobs, has collaborated with the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF), Google, Red Hat and the Chronosphere observability platform to produce documentation on Prometheus, a monitoring system with a time series database . The documentary was filmed and produced by Speakeasy Productions and can be found on Honeypot’s own media platform .cult and on YouTube.

Inside Prometheus: An Open Source System That Changed Technology” provides insight into the development of the monitoring tool and describes its rapid rise to become one of the most widespread open source frameworks in the area of ​​observability. In the documentary, leading developers and executives from the world of Prometheus and various communities of open source share their views on development and experiences with Prometheus.

Prometheus enables development teams and companies to continuously monitor and improve their most important applications and services. The tool is considered one of the most widespread surveillance and alert systems in the world. Open source software collects and stores metrics that allow applications to be monitored with the goal of making them faster and more efficient.

The origins of Prometheus date back to 2012, when there were no proper monitoring tools for modern software stacks. A Soundcloud development team designed Prometheus to be able to detect bugs and system crashes faster and fix them in a more targeted way. In 2016, the open source project joined the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF). Since then, it has been used and developed as a tool by developers all over the world.

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Prometheus-The Documentary

While technological advances are constantly changing the way we live and work, important innovations are often invisible to the public, filmmaker and documentary director Josiah McGarvie said in the film’s press release. “We hope that through the power of film and storytelling we can increase understanding and participation in the project,” he added.

As usual in Honeypot documentaries, the focus is on the community that supports the project. That’s how Chad Torbin, the film’s executive producer, explained the desire to use films like this to excite future generations with unaired developer stories. In addition to documentation on important open source tools, there is the Developer Bytes series with interviews and DevCities, which present European cities from a developer’s perspective. Documentaries on Berlin, Paris, Munich, Amsterdam, Zurich and Barcelona have so far appeared in this series.

Publishers find the developer mini-docs particularly exciting, in which individual developers are given a personal portrait. The series started with one two years ago. Film about Max Stoiber in Vienna. The documentary “Inside Prometheus” will be screened live on November 8 and 9, 2022 in Munich at PromCon EU, it is now available on the Internet. Honeypot held a premiere party in Vienna on October 25.


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