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Don’t just lie down, here’s how to use your cell phone to increase income


During PPKM, mobile phones can be used to increase income and develop from home. Photo: ist

JAKARTA – PPKM (implementation of restrictions on community activities) limits activities. Shopping and entertainment centers have temporarily closed, restaurants are unable to serve diners, and many have been affected by jobs and livelihoods.

But, with a smartphone, if you have free time, there is a lot of income that can be earned by working from home.

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“The important thing is to keep an eye on the situation. I see that during this pandemic, people still need a lot of everyday items. So I started stocking essentials late last year and selling online. Now they even have resellers.” said Dony Lesmana, while speaking at JOOX ROOMS, Saturday night (8/21).

JOOX ROOMS is the latest feature from JOOX Indonesia, which has recently been more streamlined by adding its services.

Through ROOMS, users can meet virtually via video calls with up to 27 speakers and 15,000 participants.

Dony said that during this pandemic we must be more vigilant to see opportunities and dare to try. “Also, in an online age like today, with a mobile phone holder in hand, anything can be done,” said Dony.

Here are some tips for those who want to increase their income by working from home:

Sell ​​online
While at home, many items can be sold online with a smartphone. For example, try various recipes on the Internet and sell them on social media.