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New steps forward for the Pedichiusa park, numerous interventions to resume or start around


The realization of Pedichiusa Park It started under Speranza’s administration, but more than a decade later is still open with the construction site. The latest interventions were the ones that are outlining the lighting aspect of the area not far from the “Don Milani” primary school, while the upper part of the historic fountain remains an open construction site that should later become another area in the remodeling. to socialize outdoors.

The Piedichiusa park construction site is also subject to a subcontract.

By the end of the year, probably at least the area connected by the bridge built between the two banks should be completed (to date there are already railings, some plants, lighting in operation), but in parallel it would be necessary to look immediately. for a form of monitoring and maintenance.

Without going too far, in fact, there are not few cases in which the municipal administration in the last administrations has created and then has stopped managing what was created:

  • villa via tower (172,404.44 euros planned in 2021 for “restoration of the small square located in Via Torre – reconstruction of the collapsed wall, part of the pavement and the efficiency of the conduction of rainwater from the mountain planned);
  • Vico Conciapelle bridge (no longer safe or enlightened);
  • Palazzo Blasco and Panariti (Without management, intended use or practicability, in the Dup one of the objectives indicated is the functional recovery and reuse of the “Palazzo Panariti to allow the creation of open and free laboratories and work spaces” and “Palazzo Blasco for the creation of workshops musicals and study spaces linked to artistic representation “);
  • old gym via Belvedere (with new kits to install and debris from a collapsed house to remove);
  • district contract via Garibaldi (The Dup expressly specifies that “once the remodeling works of the Historic Section between Via Garibaldi and Torrente Canne have been completed, it is necessary to proceed quickly with the use of the buildings, homes, commercial and recreational premises, owned by the Municipality that they insist on it. Therefore, the necessary announcements must be made to allow a greater contribution to the revitalization of the historic center also through the games room “);
  • former russian theater (remodeled with funds related to the reception of foreigners, assignment and use not received with firm intentions as provided in the “Urban Agenda”);
  • Norman castle (closed to the public, although the illegal entries immortalized on social networks are not lacking).

As to green maintenance the dup expressly relies on individuals: “for this, the active participation of citizens and associations must still be encouraged, as happened in the past administration, who will be able to take charge of specific green areas, also enjoying the relative sponsorship as a participatory form of care of the common good. Then it will be possible to apply sustainable urban green management techniques, to protect biodiversity and to contrast the effects of climate change on a local scale involving associations, citizens and volunteers. Despite the great limitations of personnel and resources, it is necessary to create an agricultural office in the green sector, where there is the presence of an agronomist who can ensure more competition and therefore less waste ”.

Saint Theodore

Having obtained some 98 million in ministerial funding, we have to deal with the traditional evil of the municipality of not respecting times and methods in public works. In the project “Lamezia Space Generation 2021” one of the 4 tabs divided by macro areas refers to the historic center of Nicastro:

  • tourist reception (recovery and improvement of private urban buildings for tourist reception purposes) for a total amount of € 4,421,317.28;
  • housing of weak social groups (recovery and improvement of private urban buildings for social purposes – housing for the weakest groups) for a total amount of 5,739,814.82 euros;
  • parking accommodation (recovery and improvement of private urban buildings for social purposes – parking spaces) for a total amount of € 2,805,734.57;
  • natural green and fitted (rehabilitation of private public spaces for social purposes through the construction of an equipped urban park) for a total amount of € 14,550,939.44;
  • internal roads in the district (rehabilitation of urban roads to promote mobility and accessibility (parking, infotransport, etc.) for a total amount of € 4,290,386.67;
  • external road and parking (construction of a road outside the districts of San Teodoro and Timpone to facilitate its usability and allow access to currently disabled emergency vehicles) for a total amount of € 3,081,635.11;
  • Mechanic stairs (construction of escalators for sustainable mobility and overcoming architectural barriers) for a total amount of € 4,216,662.22;
  • microhydraulic power (urban and environmental rehabilitation with production of hydroelectric energy through the restructuring of the mills located along the streams) for a total amount of € 3,168,154.08

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