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Don't Starve Maker Klei Unveils New Project For PC Gaming Show

Don’t Starve Maker Klei Unveils New Project For PC Gaming Show

When it comes to indie studios that have done fantastic work over the years, two names come to mind for many gamers: Supergiant Games, which recently released a true pearl of a roguelite with Hades, and Klei Entertainment, the creators of from popular games like Don’t Starve, Mark of the Ninja, Griftlands and more.

What is Klei Entertainment currently working on?

For this year klei-festival the publisher released some updates to titles like Oxygen Not Included, Don’t Starve, and Hot Lava. Also, Klei now announced “Klei Publishing”. Under this name, the studio would like to act as a publisher for two new games in 2023, namely Lab rat Y mind over magic. It should also be quite interesting for all Klei fans that we will see a brand new game from Klei Entertainment at the PC Gaming Show on June 12, 2022. Called “Rotwood”, the image attached to the title already shows a small forest, which presumably it suggests the general setting and graphic style of the game.

In the past, Klei wanted to explore a new genre with each new game. He has already released the XCOM-type game Invisible Inc., the colony simulator Oxygen Not Included, the survival game Do n’t Starve and much more. At first the name Rotwood might suggest a new survival game, but if Klei keeps looking for a new genre for every release, then we might get a real RPG, like we should have with Griftlands. However, this was turned into a card game during development.