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WhatsApp Hobby: How to Play "Connect Four" on Messenger

WhatsApp Hobby: How to Play “Connect Four” on Messenger


Is WhatsApp chat blocked? Then ask your counterpart for a game of “Connect Four” on Messenger. We will show you how to play the classic board game through WhatsApp.

You can also play the classic board game “Connect Four” through WhatsApp. (Source: andreygonchar/

  • “Connect Four” can also be played in WhatsApp chat.
  • To do this you have to use the circle emoji.

Does the talk stop with the hot flirt from the nightclub? Instead of a pick-up line, a round of “connect four” might help. With the classic board game you can play through WhatsApp that is, to pass the time and relax stagnant conversations.

This is how the playing field is created

To do this, you must first create the playing field using the “white circle” emoji. It consists of seven horizontal and six vertical rows. Type “circle” into Messenger’s emoji search and you’ll find the right emoji faster.

Four in a row for whatsapp games?  The circular emoji makes it possible.

Four in a row for whatsapp games? The circular emoji makes it possible. (Source: WhatsApp Screenshot)

For your first turn, you can replace one of the white circles with a colored one, and then send the playfield to a contact. You must copy the message and then also change a white circle to a colored circle to mark your turn.

But agree in advance who will use which color. You can choose from yellow, red, green, violet, purple, black and brown WhatsApp. Then continue the game in this way until one has four stones in a horizontal, vertical, or diagonal row. But keep in mind that you must first fill in the lower fields before you can fill in the upper ones.

“Connect Four” not your thing? then try it You can also play Tic-Tac-Toe through Messenger.

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