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download firmware directly from Samsung

download firmware directly from Samsung

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Samsung is one of the most important brands in Spain. The firm stands out for giving users a huge number of tools with which they can use their phone in a better way, from sharing files privately to customizing the sound of the device. When you’re waiting for an update to be released for your Galaxy smartphone, you don’t need to wait for said OTA to arrive.

Users with a Samsung phone they can use Odin, to “force” the installation of that update on the phone, although this requires downloading the firmware first. To facilitate this process, a service is now being launched with which you can download said firmware onto your phone.

Download firmware directly from Samsung

Samsung Firmware Downloader Interface

Samsung Firmware Downloader is the name of this new tool that the brand makes available to users. It is a multiplatform application that will allow users download firmware on any device Of the brand. The great advantage in this case is that said firmware comes directly from the firm, there is no intermediary in this case. This offers a number of advantages, being safer and also faster.

This application is released for devices Android, Windows, Mac and Linux. All of them will be able to download this firmware, so if you want, it will be possible for you to download it to your Galaxy mobile directly from the mobile. So you will not have to wait for a specific update to arrive via OTA, but you can proceed to download it directly.

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When you use the application you will have to enter two data: your Galaxy phone’s model name and CSC code, which is the code that indicates the region. Samsung Firmware Downloader will then locate said firmware (if there is something available) and to download it you will have to click on Download, on the button that indicates it. If you know the exact firmware, you can use manual mode and enter the name you are looking for and the results will be displayed.

Samsung Firmware Downloader Downloads

Samsung Firmware Downloader Downloads

The simple interface of Samsung Firmware Downlowader allows comfortable use. Finding that firmware you want to download is simple and controlling the downloads works well too. The time remaining for the download to complete is displayed and it is allowed to stop it, to continue later, if necessary. Once the firmware is downloaded, it will be decrypted automatically. Then you will need an app like Odin to flash it, for example.

This app is presented as a useful tool for users with a Galaxy device, that they will not have to wait to receive an OTA, being able to download the firmware in a simple and safe way, which comes directly from the brand. If you want to download this tool you can do it from github, where you have all its versions, depending on the device where you want to install it.