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Download Google Pixel 6 Pro Plants Themed Wallpapers

Google with its Pixel 6 is making a stir in the atmosphere of the admirers of us. A couple months in the past we already shared the official wallpapers of the Pixel 6 Pro, but new types arrive right now that you will definitely have viewed in many leaks with the theme of plants.

The history was shared by colleagues from Developer XDA providing all people a chance to preview them. Previous month, when Google previewed the Pixel 6, some official renderings with hints for the concept had been also shared with the new Content You. In the renderings, you can obviously see the backgrounds for the gentle and dim modes of a flower, and then design the colors of the user interface. So the widgets, icons and other sections of the consumer interface abide by the background colour palette.

These wallpapers were incorporated in the Google Wallpapers software of the Pixel 6 Professional (not out there on other gadgets), which the resource in dilemma could have accessibility to. The resource, in addition to confirming some hardware details that we understood about, then shared these official wallpapers with XDA developer.

The new backgrounds depict only crops and bouquets and are shots by photographer Andrew Zuckerman. The pics are of the adhering to flowers:

  • Orchidea Cattleya
  • Echeveria ‘Principe Blu’
  • eléboros
  • Moth orchid
  • Persian lily
  • Potea pincushion

In the graphic under, in addition to staying capable to see the backgrounds of the Pixel 6 Professional, there is also a compact description that describes what was just said in the write-up.

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Pixel 6 pro plants wallpapers

For each individual colour of the Pixel 6 Pro, that is, black, gold and silver, a default qualifications will be set with a unique color. All the official wallpapers have been provided in a downloadable package down below with the a few default pictures of 1440 x 3120 pixels. Whilst the other twelve wallpapers are 2160 x 2400 pixels. Great download.

Download the official Pixel 6 Pro wallpapers