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New and old consoles can get absurd features after the update.

At present, all the attention of the world of computers and games is directed towards the movements of Microsoft, that first in the environment of Windows 11 and then in the field. Xbox hopes to change the habits of use of our platform forever.

What emerged through XDA Developers it is very interesting in the context of a more specific expansion of the interactive possibilities in the console environment. With the implementation of the Android subsystem We may soon know the full green robot OS emulation and use thepp Android su XBox. Great news. Let’s find out more.

Android application on XBox: which consoles will be supported?

The compatibility of this eventual system will obviously extend to the next-generation console in the series. XBox Series (in the All Digital S and X versions) as well as in Xbox One generation with the prospect of further expanding the user experience globally through Android integration.

Apparently, it seems that these product categories will be able to install apps and games running them from the consoles directly on your TV via HDMI and with the help of controllers and possibly support for mouse and keyboard terminals. But it is not certain that all this will soon find real practical application. In any case, they are just assumptions.

At the moment, this feature really compares to the only Windows 11 ecosystems that will run on laptops, PCs, and convertibles during one wait that will halt the next. October 5, 2021 In view of the long-awaited event that will also present the latest technological discoveries Surfacae Duo and Microsoft Surface in the category of 2-in-1 hybrids. We look forward to further developments in this regard.

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