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Download Miray HDShredder for free on CHIP

Download Miray HDShredder for free on CHIP

If you sell your hardware, give it away, or just borrow it for a short period of time, there is still some personal data on it, even if it has already been deleted and removed from the recycle bin. That is why you should never give up an empty storage medium.

To really delete safely, you need a special file shredder like Miray HD 5 Crusher. As a CHIP reader, you get the software in the standard edition completely free of charge in the easter nest 2022 download, but only for a short time!

Securely delete all data – Miray HDShredder completely destroys

In addition to the erase functions, there are also other disk tools in the tool.

Image: CHIP

But how does this secure deletion actually work? With special deletion software like this, the areas of the storage media that have been freed by deletion are overwritten multiple times with random values, so that files located there can no longer be restored, even with special software .

Three different removal methods are included in the standard edition, which you get here:

  • secure quick delete
  • high security erase
  • international erasure standards

As a general rule, quick removal is completely sufficient. The more secure the removal process, the longer it will take. This is especially true if you want to shred entire hard drives or partitions.

Of course, you need to be especially careful when deleting data in this way, as you cannot save this content yourself once it has been run through Miray HDShredder.

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