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Download WhatsApp Gold 2021 for free, version 9.40, update WhatsApp Gold, hide what you want

Download WhatsApp Gold 2021 for free, version 9.40, update WhatsApp Gold, hide what you want

Download WhatsApp Gold 2021 and familiarize yourself with all its functionalities, which is what many users of the WhatsApp social networking program want to obtain, since many people use WhatsApp Gold every day for 24 hours, some of whom do so. They use in conversations related to their work, and some use Golden WhatsApp to send messages to Al-Ahly and friends, and there are many who download WhatsApp Gold to be able to put some cases that express their state of mind, and through this page we will put a link to download WhatsApp Gold and enter all its news.

Download WhatsApp Gold 2021

The new version of WhatsApp Gold is a modified and developed version different from the current version on Google Play, which was only violated in several missing points of the regular WhatsApp, and the application managed to win the admiration of many users in a very short time. period of time and it did not take several weeks until many people around the world have received a demand to download WhatsApp Gold and introduce all the features that this application has.

Features of WhatsApp Gold 2021

The WhatsApp Gold application has many new and old functions, this application is periodically updated and activates all the new functions that come to mind without the need to update them manually, and one of the advantages of WhatsApp Gold is: it is as safe as WhatsApp the official version , and does not require downloading a recent version, but it speaks automatically. Among the other features is the ability to run more than one WhatsApp number in the same program, up to three numbers.

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Among the other advantages of WhatsApp Gold is that it does not appear as a sign that you are now writing, and it hides that messages have been received, that is, the blue check mark, hides the feature that you have read messages, hides that you are recording. an audio clip, hidden that you are online now, the ability to recover deleted messages, you can send a 100MB audio clip.

Download WhatsApp Gold 9.40 latest version 2021

You can download WhatsApp Gold with ease through the official store link To download the latest version of WhatsApp Gold 2021 It updates daily and has all the functionalities that this application contains and described above, and there are many other advantages that WhatsApp Gold has other than those mentioned above, since it gives you the possibility to select more than 10 photos and send them, and it does not contain advertising, gives you the ability to send a scheduled message The ability to disable the automatic download of a conversation, allowing you to know who visited your personal page or who connected, setting a password for WhatsApp Gold, with the ability to hide the name and the date when copying two or more messages.

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