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Downloaded millions of times: Android applications have serious security gaps

Downloaded millions of times: Android applications have serious security gaps

Microsoft has serious security gaps in Android apps discovered. These are in the so-called “mobile framework”, ie the programs with which Android applications can be created. Since these frameworks are used by numerous Android developers, the gap can also be found in many applications. Microsoft already discovered and reported the vulnerability in late 2021.

Since then, the vulnerabilities have been patched by all affected Android developers. In the meantime, however, there was no great danger for German Android users. Because the framework was very popular with mobile phone providers, especially in the United States.

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Android vulnerability: what attackers could do

If you don’t have an app from a US mobile operator on your Android device, don’t worry.

CHIP/Alexander Moser

These include providers like AT&T or Bell Canada. If you, as a German Android user, have not accidentally downloaded one of the apps of the American mobile phone providers, you do not need to worry. If you have such an app, you need to update it if it didn’t happen automatically.

The vulnerabilities would have allowed attackers to change settings on the Android smartphone. According to Microsoft, this would not only have been possible locally, but also via remote access. Attackers could have installed malware, hijacked cameras, or collected sensitive data.