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“Draghi’s governing administration is the failure of politics,” Prime Minister Musumeci ‘unloads’ | BlogSicilia


“The Draghi governing administration is the consecration of failure of Italian politics, the defeat of political geography, an anomaly ”. The president of the Sicilian Location said, Nello musumeci, who spoke at the DC Basis meeting that is currently being held in Saint-Vincent (Aosta).

Musumeci lunge

“In a democratic composition – mentioned Musumeci – political forces with close sensibilities unite and rule. In Italy, on the other hand, we have found a centre right arriving by ambulance to rescue most of centre remaining that a government could not convey ”.

What are the events for?

For Musumeci “if we are all together, then what are 15 functions superior for?”

The convention plan

Saturday 23 Oct 2021 – 11.00 a.m. Spherical desk: ‘Four lists at 20%, exactly where is the new CD?’ with Rocco Buttiglione, Fabio Massimo Castaldo, Guido Crosetto, Paola De Micheli, Raffaele Fitto, Emilio Floris, Giuseppe Gargani, Ubaldo Livolsi, Biagio Maimone, Augusto Minzolini, Nello Musumeci, Francesco Verderami, Claudio Vivona, moderator Angelo Polimeno Bottai.

16.00 Round desk: ‘Is the green whale coming?’ with Angelo Bonelli, Rocco Buttiglione, Mr. Gianni Fusco, Davide Maraffino, Paolo Prisco, Vincenzo Sanasi D’Arpe, Renato Soru, Michele Zuin. Moderated by Stefano Tunis.

Sunday, October 24, 2021 – Holy Mass, 10.00 a.m. Then conclusions with Paola Balducci, Annamaria Bernini, Giampiero Catone, Lorenzo Cesa, Maria Stella Gelmini, Roberto Occhiuto, Ettore Rosato, Gianfranco Rotondi, Antonio Tajani, Renato Brunetta, Massimo Garavaglia, Mara Carfagna. Greetings from President Silvio Berlusconi, moderated by Anna La Rosa.

Former assaults

It is not the initial time that Musumeci has taken it out on Primary Minister Draghi. A few times in the past, in a speech for Begin on Sky Tg 24 conversing about money PNRRHe had mentioned: “President Draghi would have done perfectly to hear to the locations. There was a significant deficit of democracy and relations with the areas. How is it probable to consist of infrastructure initiatives in a prepare with no having agreed with the governors what the priorities are? ”.

“It would have been useful,” he added, “if the Condition had provided us designers able of coming up with is effective in 6 months and not in six yrs as is the scenario today. This is not the way to reduce the North-South hole ”.

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