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DrDisrespect and Twitch: Legal Dispute Resolved – No Return

The Doc comments on the Twitch theme. The lawsuit appears to have been settled. Source: @DrDisrespect on Twitter

Do you still remember June 2020, when probably the most mysterious permanent ban of an international Twitch star happened? On June 27, 2020, the Amazon-owned streaming platform permanently banned one of its biggest streamers, DrDisrespect. Only the reason for this was, and still is, completely uncertain.

This was followed by a huge silence, Twitch (as usual) not taking an official position on the ban, the Doc claiming to have not known why he is no longer allowed to stream on Twitch. This contributed to the fact that in the days, weeks and months that followed, the rumor mill continued to simmer and the wildest speculations were thrown into the room. Most of these did not come true. In August, Herschel “Guy” Beahm IV celebrated his acclaimed return to streaming on YouTube, where he, too, has been entertaining his community to great acclaim ever since, fully immersing himself in the role of the extremely confident DrDisrespect.

“Keep going”.

Although we still don’t know exactly what happened in March 2022, there is news about Doc’s Twitch ban. A few hours ago, he shared a photo via Twitter with a piece of paper showing the DrDisrespect logo, a quote and signature. of the Doc

Below the logo is:

“I have resolved my legal dispute with Twitch. Neither party admits to any wrongdoing.”

Or in the original in English:

“I have resolved my legal dispute with Twitch. Neither party admits wrongdoing.”

Beneath this is just DrDisrespect’s signature.

In the associated tweet, the doctor, as has often been observed on social media in the past, is taciturn. He just added the words “Keep going” to the image: “Keep going.” So it looks like the Doc has reached a legal settlement with his former employer, Twitch.

Does the ban stand?

What results from this is the really exciting question. Of course, many fans immediately expected that the deal would also lead to the ban being lifted. We cannot currently say if this is the case. What result was actually reached in court remains a secret. The only statement on this, as can be read, comes from Doc himself. Neither party admits to wrongdoing. Consequences or resulting measures? Unfortunately we don’t know.

What we do know, however, is that the Doc rules out a return to Twitch. To the many questions from fans, he responds under the tweet: “In response to all questions from him, the Doc will not return to Twitch.” -“In response to all questions from him, the Doc will not return to Twitch.”

However, conversely, this does not have to mean that the Doc’s ban on Twitch will continue to exist. It could also be that DrDisrespect has settled on YouTube and feels comfortable there. After all, he knows very well the direct comparison of the two platforms. Or maybe it’s out of the question at this point that there could be a contract between the Doc and Twitch that is mutually satisfying. Furthermore, Herschel “Guy” Beahm IV’s trust in the Twitch platform as an employer is likely to be ruined if it is true that he actually knew nothing about the initiative until a few minutes before it was banned. Many options are conceivable.

But the issue of prohibition is also important in another way. Because anyone who is banned on Twitch should not be prominently seen or heard from other Twitch creators’ streams. So joint play or other joint activity is unthinkable. However, if the ban were lifted, the Doc would be able to play again with various friends and colleagues, also streaming via YouTube. In the last two years he had been denied this and perhaps one of the greatest punishments in the entire context.

More recently, a theory was considered likely that a mixer offer that did not exist in this form was the reason for the ban, which the Doc would have presented to Twitch as part of contract negotiations. You will find more about it here:

DrDisrespect wants to sue Twitch: IS THAT the reason for the ban?