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Tesla boss could become the first billionaire in history


A one followed by twelve zeros makes a trillion. Elon Musk could soon have that much money. This would make him the first person to break this wealth mark.

He laughs a lot: According to a study, Tesla -Pattern Elon Musk to be the first trillionaire in the history of mankind in two years.

In the past six years, their wealth has grown by an average of 129 percent, according to a study released Friday by, a division of software house Tipalti Approve. Musk is currently worth $263 billion.

A trillion is a one followed by twelve zeroes. How much that is exactly is hard to imagine. A comparison: this gross domestic product (GDP) of Germany was 3.8 trillion dollars in 2020.

This is the total value of all consumer goods and services produced or offered in a country in one year. Musk would soon own a quarter of Germany’s annual GDP.

But then he does not have this gigantic sum in his account. He has most of his wealth in shares of his car company Tesla. Musk also invests his money in cryptocurrencies.

These are the next potential trillionaires

Then, in 2025, Gautam Adani’s family could join the billionaires’ club, he said. His assets, currently $93 billion, have grown by an average of 121 percent in recent years. The Adani Group conglomerate controls seven publicly traded companies that operate airports, seaports and power plants or trade oil and gas.

Zhang Yiming, the founder of TikTok’s parent company ByteDance, ranked third, said. It is currently worth $59 billion and, with a sustained annual growth rate of 123 percent, would break the $1 trillion sound barrier in 2026.

As the first European would probably do bernard arnoldThe largest shareholder in luxury goods maker LVMH, it will hit this mark, but not until 2029. Its current $186 billion in assets have grown by an average of 27 percent in recent years.

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