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Due to Threats to Her Life - Security Will Attach to MK Ayelet Shaked

Due to Threats to Her Life – Security Will Attach to MK Ayelet Shaked

Knit news30.05.21 22:38 19 at Sivan Tishpa

Due to threats to your life: Wet security will be attached"As Ayelet Shaked

Photo: Miriam Elster / Flash 90

Due to threats to his life on social media and at demonstrations, under the direction of Knesset officer Yosef Griff, and under the direction of the police, it was decided that as of tomorrow (Monday), MK Ayelet Shaked will be accompanied by tight security.

As said, the decision stems from the background of threats and violent messages that are transmitted to Shaked on social media and in demonstrations outside his home against the formation of a government with Lapid.

Today, many sources see Ayelet Shaked as the only figure who can prevent Bennett from forming a government with Lapid. About two weeks ago, at the start of Operation Wall Guard, Shaked managed to persuade Bennett to remove the change of government from this chapter, arguing that it was impossible to act against the savage Arabs in government with Mansour Abbas.

In recent days, many right-wing activists have been protesting in front of Shaked’s house, demanding that he not help form a government with Lapid. Tonight, hundreds of people demonstrated in front of his home, including dozens of religious Zionists and representatives of grieving families.

But despite Shaked’s public pressure and Shaked’s battle for right-wing territory, it seems this time too Shaked was convinced that the most important task was to avoid a fifth election. In the last 24 hours, Shaked has tried to implement efforts to achieve an agreed scheme with Gideon Saar, but the attempt has not been successful.

Shaked decided that she would not split her right and would probably go with Bennett to any stage, but the right still has her hopes on her.

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