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Esport - Valorant: Fnatic's Europeans lose in final

Esport – Valorant: Fnatic’s Europeans lose in final

Now we know. Just over a year after the launch of valuing, Riot Games organized this week in Reykjavík (Iceland) a first physical intercontinental tournament in its FPS. A competition that many saw as an opportunity to finally find out which European or North American teams are the best in the game.

By winning the event without losing a round, despite a close final against Europeans Fnatic (14-12, 16-14, 13-11), the Sentinels placed North America on top. Already considered the best team on the other side of the Atlantic, it actually seems to be one step ahead of all its international competitors. She is also the first officially qualified to the world championships At the end of the year.

First large-scale test for Riot Games, the Masters of Reykjavík It was a success. The audience responded, in particular thanks to the joint broadcasts in North America. In fact, the game’s publisher authorizes the big names on Twitch to broadcast the event by offering alternative commentary. The competition thus surpassed the peak of one million spectators on the platform during the final, heralding a bright future for valuing.

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