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Dumps workshop waste onto agricultural, mechanical and process land.

Dumps workshop squander on to agricultural, mechanical and process land.

Court – They had been identified throughout a bombing by the forest police in San Giovanni

Forest law enforcement

locations – ( – Dumps workshop squander on to farmland, mechanically for processing.

An avalanche of ferrous particles. The Soriano nel Cimino forest law enforcement discovered them all through a bombing that took spot on Might 16, 2018 in San Giovanni, in the territory of the municipality of Orte.

The navy who intervened at the scene confiscated a disused truck with a garbage can and an old motorcycle alongside with a big amount of disused engines, tires, radiators, oil pumps, tires, drums and metallic sheets. Resources traceable to a workshop.

Not surprising, provided that the operator of the land, who ended up on trial for environmental crimes, also owns a workshop.

The defendant, who would have right away admitted that he experienced unloaded the waste on his land, appeared yesterday ahead of Judge Francesco Rigato, who heard the testimony of a single of the foresters who carried out the procedure.

The demo was postponed till April 17, 2022 for discussion. The artisan is defended by the lawyer Giovanni Bartoletti, who was replaced in yesterday’s listening to by his colleague Corrado Cocchi.

September 24, 2021