As Techland announced today, dying light 2 tomorrow, June 14, finally update 1.4: with the patch comes the long-awaited photo mode and some new game content. Also, the developers have further refined the game and taken care of the balance.

Dying Light 2 Update 1.4 also includes the first free chapter called “In the Footsteps of a Nightrunner.” This also marks Techland’s 5-year support plan. More improvements and content are already planned for Villedor.

Dying Light 2 Chapter 1

In Chapter 1: In the Footsteps of a Nightrunner, players will help the character Harper, a former Nightrunner, in his efforts to push back the infected that threaten the people of The City. The reward is access to powerful new equipment. The former Nightrunner Harper can be found in the Fish Eye Canteen asking players for help in taking down the Special Infected.

The trailer for the next Chapter 1: In the Footsteps of a Nightrunner You can take a look here:

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What awaits you:

  • New ranking system and unlockables: In the new system, the bond between player and agent grows stronger as they complete their tasks. Additionally, players can rank up with enough Reputation Points to unlock access to high-end weapons, outfits, and consumables.
  • Daily and weekly rewards: Players can take on the Infected in a variety of daily and weekly nightly activities that award reputation points upon completion.
  • Two new currencies: To purchase new items, players must first collect mutation samples from the corpses of Special Infected and purchase unique Arper Tokens with each new rank.
  • New enemies: Players will encounter deadly and ferocious new infected mutants: the volatile tyrants and the volatile hive.
  • Chapter Missions: Players can purchase a special Chapter Agent Chapter Mission Ticket and attempt to complete extremely challenging and demanding time trials to test their stealth, parkour, or combat skills to the limit.
  • New photo mode: Techland responds to the community request and integrates photo mode as a new feature. Players can now document their adventures in The City with photos.

D2K: In the fisheye – photo mode

Also, starting today, the latest installment in the Dying 2 Know series”in the fish eye“ be seen in the Lead UX/UI Designer, marcin surosztalks about the upcoming photo mode.

The video is here:

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