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E3 2022 canceled: concerns about the world's most important gaming fair

E3 2022 canceled: concerns about the world’s most important gaming fair

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The world of video games has already had to do without E3 twice. E3 2022 probably won’t take place either, which is causing concern for the future of the game fair.

Los Angeles, California – Traditionally, E3 is one of the biggest dates in games of all years. The Electronic Entertainment Expo draws fewer fans and visitors than Gamescom, but it is the hotspot for the biggest reveals from Sony, Microsoft, and other publishers. However, for two years in a row, E3 could no longer take place at the venue and the game fair will now also fall into the water by 2022. Canceling E3 2022 could have far-reaching consequences.

name of the event Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3)
Event date June 2022
Organsiatoren Entertainment Software Association
Visitor numbers 66,100 (2019)
First exposition nineteen ninety five
Exhibitor over 200 (2019)

E3 2022 canceled: the game fair could disappear permanently

As in previous years, E3 2022 will not take place on site. The Entertainment Software Association (ESA) has confirmed this to IGN in an official statement. To make matters worse, the ESA has yet to provide any information about a possible event online. At the moment, it is still unclear if a digital showcase will come as an alternative. At the same time, ESA is still excited about the future of E3 and will be making more announcements soon.

E3 2022 canceled: concerns about the world’s most important gaming fair

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The future prospects of E3, the economic analyst Mike Futter on Twitter therehowever, they are even more gloomy. He said multiple sources confirmed to him last November that ESA had canceled all future appointments at the Los Angeles Convention Center. That would make E3, as it was known until 2019, history. Major reveals, such as Sony’s unveiling of the PS VR2 at CES 2022, would have to permanently shift to other trade shows or publishers’ own online submissions.

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