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Ebay warns about fraudulent job offers: this is how you protect yourself

Ebay warns about fraudulent job offers: this is how you protect yourself

Ebay Classifieds warns: the ignorant must be lured into lucrative job offers. At worst, they become criminals themselves.

Scammers try to lure job seekers into a trap with fake job ads in Ebay classifieds and other job portals. This is what the advertising portal and the crime prevention police of the states and the federal government warn.

Advertisers promise the best earning potential and flexible working hours with little work at the same time, but in reality they are only looking for applicants’ personal details, especially their bank details. In the worst case, those affected would become criminals themselves, it is said.

Job seekers must open bank accounts

If job seekers respond to supposedly lucrative job advertisements, the scammers ask them to open a new bank account. This, in turn, should be used for “testing purposes” or for “verification” of your own data. In some cases, criminals asked interested parties to make their existing accounts available for test transfers or other payment transactions.

They receive payments that they must then forward to other accounts abroad. In exchange, they should be allowed to retain part of the transferred sum, the warning says. It also happened that the criminals assumed the identity of the account holder and offered goods in his name that did not exist.

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