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Egypt .. The accused of beating the daughter of Essam El-Hadary reveals the details of the incident


The Egyptian security forces ordered to seize the surveillance cameras, in the event of a fight, the daughter of Essam El-Hadary, the coach of Egypt’s goalkeepers, and her two friends with a security member.

The security officer is being investigated by investigating authorities after Shadwa Essam El-Hadary and his two friends accused him of beating them and wounding El-Hadary’s daughter with a superficial finger wound and her boyfriend with 4 points on the head.

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Egypt .. Essam El-Hadary's daughter is brutally beaten and security moves urgently

Confronting the security forces, the policeman admitted his actions and that the fight occurred as a result of a momentary emotion while parking the cars, due to the non-compliance of the instructions by the daughter of Al-Hadary and her two friends.

He added that he was following the instructions of his work, and what was dictated by the security supervisor in the compound, because at first he warned them a lot, but they did not respond to him, and they attended his speech recklessly; Which led him to get into a verbal altercation with them, then assault them and damage the windows of their cars in which they were riding at the scene of the incident.

Security men kept surveillance cameras in the event of a fight, the daughter of Essam El-Hadary, the goalkeeping coach of the Egyptian first soccer team, with a security member at the Continental Complex in Sheikh Zayed.

Investigations indicated that a fight occurred between Shadwa and a security officer inside the Continental Complex in Sheikh Zayed, due to its parking.

Initial investigations indicated that Essam El-Hadary’s daughter was accompanied by her two friends at the time of the fight, and that they were preparing to stay late at a cafe while they parked their cars; There was a verbal altercation with a security person assigned to protect the Continental Complex, and things developed between them until it became a tangle of hands; As a result, one of Al-Hadary’s daughter’s friends suffered a serious head injury, was taken to hospital and given first aid by suturing the wound with 4 stitches.

Source: Cairo 24