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How do Esports teams make money?


ESports have become popular over the years. eSports teams’ popularity is due to the competitive nature of the teams. There are always new teams that join the game, bringing a challenge to the existing ones and bringing excitement to the audience’s hearts. The popularity rises even more because of the entertaining nature of eSports betting. The fans and audience bet on teams they feel would win the game. If you’re looking to place bets on your favourite team, you can click here for more information about the sports books that offer eSports betting. The competition of the teams gets the watchers all excited.

Entertainment is not the only goal of eSports teams because no matter how much you overlook it, entertaining people without getting something in return doesn’t put food on the table. Some may say it all boils down to doing something you love to do, but it certainly isn’t all about that. Money is the primary goal when setting up any firm or organization. Every sphere of life needs money for smooth running, eSports included. There are various eSports teams today, some of which are more famous than others. Despite the popularity, they need money to keep the players and the team going. The more these teams make money, the more likely their sustenance is in the world of eSports .

How Esports teams make a profit

  1. Sponsorships and partnerships: Sponsorships and partnerships remain the primary way most eSports teams make money. Due to the popularity of eSports teams at this time, some brands feel that it is wise to partner with these teams. The partnership is not solely to support the team. It is mainly to create awareness for their brand, using the team’s popularity.

Brands that sponsor eSports teams are not limited to electronic brands. Almost every type of brand can support eSports teams, all that matters are the popularity they get after the sponsorship. When it comes to partnership, it is not limited to only brands. Well-doing individuals also partner with these teams in percentages. They agree on the individual’s profit percentage from the team’s profit.

  1. Winning tournaments: Winning tournaments might not be the significant way these eSports teams make money, but this strategy is also valid. Tournaments involve other eSports teams in a competition to win a game. Like every game with a sole winner, there are prizes after the tournaments. The winning team goes home with the price. Winning tournaments is an excellent way to make money as an eSports team, but it is not sustainable.

A team that depends solely on tournaments has to work hard and prepare always to win the game. The tournaments to be won have to extend from local to international tournaments. Even then, the money gotten would not be enough to sustain the team. It is clear that no matter how hardworking a team is, it is not possible to win every tournament throughout their career. Still, it is a good way of making money as an eSports team.

  1. Content creation and streaming: Sometimes, eSports teams are not all about players that are good at playing and are competitive in sports. Sometimes, it is about a face. Every brand needs a face that brings money to them. An increase in the popularity of a brand is why brands have famous brand ambassadors. An eSports team might sign up a player because the player is well-known and has a sizeable amount of streams. This player’s popularity would bring deals for the team and increase the team’s visibility.

The player’s fans would support the team even more. The favor of this player is advantageous in creating content that can be entertaining to the audience, and in turn, fetch the team impressive ambassadorial deals. The popularity of the star player, the content, and the ambassadorial sales would bring more revenue for the team.

  1. Selling of merchandise: As the team’s popularity rises due to content created, it would lead to an increase in the fan base. Fans love the feeling of inclusion in their star’s job. They love to have shirts and other merchandise that would make them feel like they are part of the team. If an eSports team begins to sell merchandise, it can be a way to get money.


The popularity of eSports teams has grown enormously over the years. As popularity increases, it leads to a significant increase in revenue. Fans, sponsors, and partners have become the primary ground for the growth of these eSports teams. There would not be a hitch in the transition for years to come because there will always be fans. Teams would come and go, but there would no longer be a time where there is no eSports team.

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