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Eight “Destiny 2” exotics to see beyond the changing sandbox of light


Destiny 2 Number of sandbox changes With the advent of Beyond Light, many of them focused on completely modifying the spectrum of the Hand Cannon, but some also touch on other weapons.

I recommend sifting through the current exotic choices, all non-sunset weapons, and revisiting the specific list, taking into account the changes these weapons will undergo. Some may be more transformed than others, but I’m hoping for something big from some of these.

Here is a list of more than half the cannons, given the changes at hand.

Sturm – As a 110 hand cannon, Sturm has been buffed to 120 instead. It has always been modest and solid for those who bother to use it, and became popular when Drang took off as a secondary. Drang isn’t sunset, Sturm got better with this buff, so yes, note this.

Thorn – I know some people are saddened not to “feel” the same when Thorn is changed from 150RPM to 140RPM. Apparently that change will allow it to tap 2 with any elasticity when it has a buff, so it’s likely to be much stronger than it is now. Potentially like the Destiny 1 Thorn level, depending on what happens. This can basically be the most important PvP change in the game if you pan out as expected.

Ace of spades – Ace has been at 140 all this time, so lowering others to RPM levels can improve performance compared to that. In addition, you get a range buff. It’s always a strong choice and you expect to see it a lot.

Cheating – Fan’s favorite cheating hasn’t gotten the RPM changes, is You should get a very large magazine size buff and have 19-20 rounds in the chamber with a 180 RPM resize. Maybe I’ll go back to using this more in PvE.

Sunshot – The Sunshot is the only hand cannon left at 150 RPM, so it can maintain its rate of fire while others lose it. I’m not sure if this will be enough boost to be meta in any mode. When it reached 140, I might have run out of power, so I left it as it was. But that’s certainly something. Experiment beyond the coming light. After all, you have to melt those frozen stasis enemies.

Jade Rabbit – Therefore, the Scout Rifle did not get the damage buff, but did get the Aim Assist buff, and Jade got some bugs that fixed that perk. The map isn’t for scouts, but Jade has been low-key strong for some time, so I’m curious about how he feels now.

MIDA multi-tool – Many may not have MIDA on this list, but the synergies of mini-tools (not sunset like Drang), radar capabilities, insane reloads, and the current Aim Assist Buff, given all the other utilities in between? So I think it might be strong.

Arbalest – I’m not sure about the Arbalest changes, so I’m still not sure if this is a nerf or a buff. Arbalest no longer attacks the shield twice, but generally does more damage to the shield. This doesn’t affect PvP’s crazy aim assist, but I’m interested in how it affects body damage, and perhaps even better for shields, for general use in PvE. there is.

These are my notable choices. Is there anything I missed there?please let me know On Twitter. See my thoughts on changing the sandbox below.

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