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All about the new October update of Brawl Stars


In-game reactions will have a new template and will now have three brawler reactions + 2 player reactions selected. Look at the two images above to understand better.

New gadgets on Brawl Stars coming soon

10 new gadgets are coming to Brawl Stars and these are the official descriptions of each gadget:

  • Bull: Stops the charge instantly and stompes the ground to slow nearby enemies
  • Maxine: Save location and teleport over 4 seconds later (with the same health points)
  • Bea: Three bees in a circle flying over walls and dealing increasing damage as they move away. It starts with Bea and slowly moves away from her
  • Barryl: Barryl emits an area around him that slows for 4s
  • Nita: Nita’s Bear gains 35% Shield for 3s
  • Semino: Destroys the current wall, and fully charges the super
  • Brock: The next basic attack is a mega rocket that deals more damage
  • Carl: The next basic attack makes Carl fly with the pickaxe
  • 8bit: The next basic attack fires more bullets
  • Colt: The next basic attack is a large projectile that penetrates and destroys the walls

Do you also want to know the release dates? If there are no unexpected events, they will be the following:

  • 23 October – Bull and Max
  • October 30 – Bea and Barryl
  • November 6 – Nita and Semino
  • 13 Novembre – Brock and Carl
  • November 20 – 8-bit and Colt

Brawl Stars Map Generator

Now you can create your own maps and try them out with your friends! I’ve created a video that explains a bit how it works:

Game and brawler balances

  • Footbrawl
    • The possibility to score an own goal has been disabled.
  • Siege
    • Bolts now spawn in a fixed order.
    • New map rotation.
  • Thirst for power
    • Survival (Solo / Duo) will no longer rotate.
    • New rotation with the exclusive maps of the Brawl Stars Championship.
  • Domain
    • New maps.
    • New map rotation.
  • New Mexican setting dedicated to Pocho

Health points increased from 4300 to 4800

Increased super attack cooldown rate by 100%
Increased main attack reload speed by 11%

Increased main attack reload speed by 5%

Increased main attack reload speed by 14%

Increased main attack reload speed by 12%
Bruce can now move and attack while using Bear Paws

Trigger Wire now has 1.5 seconds of delay after activation before mines explode. Mines always remain invisible after Triggering Wire is activated.

Decreased the efficiency of Flash Reload by 50%

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