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Electric car survey: High satisfaction among German drivers


The online vehicle marketplace has published the results of a representative survey of almost 3,000 German drivers. According to this, the majority of electric car drivers (97.5%) are so satisfied with their vehicle that they cannot imagine changing to another type of driving.

When asked about the reasons for electromobility, environmental awareness (62.0%) and tax and fuel savings (50.0%) come before future-oriented mobility (45.5%) and the attractiveness of available vehicle models (30.0%). In addition to e-car users, drivers of plug-in hybrids (88.3%) and mild hybrids (85.4%) were also satisfied.

If the drivers surveyed have a fully electric vehicle, they tend not to switch to another unit: 82.0 per cent of electric car owners said this, while 40.4 per cent of drivers of a combustion engine generally they would be willing to change. Nearly two-thirds of petrol and diesel drivers (65.8%) can basically imagine buying a vehicle with a fully electric drive. 80.0 percent of hybrid drivers would not be opposed to buying a fully electric vehicle, and almost a quarter (24.0%) are already planning to buy one.

On average, the electric car drivers surveyed travel 253.83 kilometers a week. More than a quarter (27.0%) reported driving more than 250 kilometers per week. Despite the high level of general satisfaction, there are also requests for improvements in the field of electric mobility. 33.0 percent of Stromer drivers said the range was too short and there weren’t enough charging options in the area (29.0 percent). 28 percent complained about lack of flexibility and route planning based on charging time and infrastructure, as well as charging time that was too long (23.0%).

According to the survey, it is currently mainly men behind the wheel of electric cars (64.0%) and high earners with a net household income of at least €5,000 per month (17.0%) who live in medium-sized cities (28.5%). ) and large cities (29.5%). Younger drivers, in particular, make the decision in favor of an electric vehicle: Nearly a quarter (24.0%) of survey participants aged 30 and under who do not yet drive an electric car plan to purchase an electric vehicle and more than three quarters (79.9%) can basically imagine the purchase.

Drivers older than 50 years (56.4%), women (60.5%), low income (58.8%) and residents of rural regions (59.0%) or small cities (62.6%) showed a comparatively low willingness to buy.

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