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Elon Musk predicts when humanity will land on Mars

spacex boss Elon Musk He has been talking about colonizing Mars for many years, it is also one of the main engines of all his space activities. Musk has now commented on when humanity will set foot on the surface of Mars, that is, in seven years.

According to Musk, the first human will set foot on the surface of Mars in 2029. Specifically, a space-loving user or account called Space_Hub asked the head of Tesla and SpaceX when he currently expects a manned landing on Mars.

Specifically, Space_Hub shared an image showing the first man landing on the moon at the top and artwork of early Mars astronauts below. In the first case, the date was of course 1969, in the image below there was only a “20_ _?” opened. read. Musk responded to this steep template with the appropriate date or year and wrote 2029: 60 years after Neil Armstrong’s first step on a celestial body outside of Earth.

Difficult date to predict

The SpaceX chief puts earlier statements into perspective: Just last year he said that humanity – and by that he mostly means his own space company – will land on the red planet “well before 2030.” However, it should be noted here that he was primarily referring to unmanned missions. In the fall of 2020, however, he said it would be like this in two years.

However, Musk must be careful with such predictions, as landing on Mars requires several technological solutions, many of which are not yet ready or available. SpaceX itself is currently working intensively on Starship, i.e. the core rocket/spacecraft combination for the journey to Mars, which must also pass the maiden flight of the entire system (i.e. both stages).

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