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Elon Musk secures Internet access for Ukrainians

Elon Musk secures Internet access for Ukrainians

Elon Musk supports Ukraine attacked by Russia with his Starlink satellite internet service. A Ukrainian minister had previously asked the tech billionaire for help on Twitter.

The American businessman and founder of Tesla, Elon Musk, has announced the activation of the Starlink satellite Internet service of his company SpaceX in Ukraine. “Starlink is now operational,” Musk wrote on Twitter on Saturday. Work is underway to unlock more stations.

Earlier, Ukraine’s Digital Affairs Minister Mykhailo Fedorov asked Musk to provide Ukraine with satellite internet in view of the Russian invasion. “While you are trying to colonize Mars, Russia is trying to occupy Ukraine,” Fedorov previously wrote to Musk on Twitter. In response to Musk’s quick response, Fedorov later thanked the American on Twitter and “everyone” who supports Ukraine.

SpaceX’s Starlink operates around 2,000 satellites. The goal of the program is to give Internet access to much of the world. On Friday, the company launched about 50 more satellites. Initially, it was unclear if and how the service could actually be used in Ukraine.