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Proyecto de ley de Transición Energética, aprobado en último debate

Energy Transition: Energy Transition Bill, approved in the last debate | Politics

After more than 10 hours of discussion, the Plenary of the House of Representatives approved in last debate the bill from Energy Transition what are you looking for streamline this resource, Y position the country as a benchmark in non-conventional renewable energy.

“We are making history. Colombia today is the regional leader in electric mobility in Latin America, number 1 since 2019, thanks to the laws that this Congress has approved; and today, with this project we consolidate all that work “, affirmed the Minister of Mines and Energy, Diego Mesa.

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For the portfolio manager, “this project positions Colombia as the leader no longer regional, but global in terms of transition, in matters of non-renewable transitional energy, as the solar, wind, now we include hydrogen, geothermal energy, and we give incentives for energy storage. This month we have open the auction for the first storage call on a large scale in Latin America “.

In this sense, the speaker representative Juan Espinal explained that “The extension of tax benefits of renewable energy is given that brought the Law 1715, to new sources of clean energy, how is he blue and green hydrogen theme. we deliver incentives for capture technology, storage Y use of carbon. If from regulation of electrical energy, with geothermal energy, which is fundamental and innovative in our legal system “.

Another fundamental issue, which according to the congressman, ” users and investors, is the streamlining of procedures, with the purpose of promote the completion of generation and transmission projects, that guarantee the economic reactivation. And the theme of the incentives for electric mobility: Companies that offer urban public mass transport services they will not be subject to contribution regarding the energy of charge or propulsion they have “.

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Finally, the parliamentarian of the Democratic Center for the department of Antioquia stressed in the same way that “this project brings a very important chapter for economic reactivation in the country, in the provision of public service in the medium and long term “.

However, the initiative, although it had the majority support in various respects, he left objections of the opposition, for example in controversial points. “The door was not closed to Fracking, a new article was approved that talks about tax and tariff incentives, which are as of July 1 and up to 30 years to all the investments in projects of non-conventional sources of energy; is also the issue of emissions and limits. Between bittersweet this project is approved; We are on alert for several of these ‘monkeys’, what do we expect the Constitutional Court defines in this regard “, stated the Green representative, Wilmer Leal.

The initiative, according to its authors, so that it can finally become the Law of the Republic must approve the reconciliation reports between texts reached in the respective plenary sessions of Senate and House of Representatives. After that, would pass to the sanction of President Iván Duque, for its entry into force.