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Epic Games Stores Free Holiday Sale 2020 Game List Apparently Leaked •

Epic Games Stores Free Holiday Sale 2020 Game List Apparently Leaked • TECH GAMING REPORT

We already knew that the Epic Games Store was ready to offer free games during the Epic Holidays sale, but now cheeky tweets suggest what the promotion as a whole can get.

Yesterday, the prize was Long dark, And today, it’s Defense Grid 1, which all fits the tweet predictions. It also includes Cities: Skylines and Oddworld: New N Tasty, each distributed earlier this week.

The tweets are as follows:

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So PC gamer You might be surprised to see Darkest Dungeon on the list as it’s not yet available on EGS, but this isn’t the first time Epic has made a surprise release of a new title on its digital PC platform.

There is no way to know when the game will be available for free as other games have no dates, but the complete list includes Alien: Isolation, Metro 2033, Tropico 5, Inside, Darkest Dungeon, My Time Importier. , Night in the Woods, Stranded Deep, Solitarica, Torchlight 2, and Jurassic World Evolution and Is displayed It will be in chronological order.

The· The Epic Games Store recently launched a holiday sale It will also bring back an unlimited £ 10 coupon promotion, saving even more money across digital PC gaming hosts.

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Simply log in to EGS and request your voucher from the store page. From there, it will automatically apply to purchases over £ 13.99 (excluding pre-orders). And best of all, another coupon is added to your account for use in the next game you buy. And next, and so on.

This means that you can get some games at ridiculously cheap, including things like open world adventures. Immortal phoenix sizing, Eccentric detective RPG Disco Elysium And fun and weird Bugsnax..