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Escape from Tarkov: New Event – The erasure date is getting more and more concrete

New clues about the erasure date in Tarkov! – New event started! Source: Battlestate Games

Little by little we can be really sure that the last days of the current erasure in Escape from Tarkov have arrived. Although the daily sessions that have been taking place since the beginning of the week had a little respite yesterday, on Friday they continue to be lively. Battlestate Games announces the new campaign with a short video on Twitter.

Since a few hours all dealers in the game except Fence only accept barter, other currencies are not interesting. In the comments, early players are already complaining that they’ve already sold most of their gear so they can buy it cheaply from retailers in upcoming pre-wipe events. These usually offer very cheap weapons and armor during this period, while the economy, as planned by BSG, collapses before the reset occurs.

In said video, a PMC can be seen complaining that merchants are no longer accepting money and are only offering barter deals. He adds that he knew something bad would happen after everyone gave their money to the Guardian of Light.

Here is the ad to watch:

Instead of cheap gear, it’s now important to bring the right items if you want new gear from dealers. At the moment, no one can say how long this situation will last. Maybe the “ghost” will happen again tomorrow.

What do you think of the idea that vendors only give out gear for special “deliveries”?

So when is the cleanup? – New note

With events ongoing, we can say with certainty that the wipe will not be long in coming. In our last post on the subject, we already pointed out Tarkov Content Creator Video ‘NoiceGuy Tarkov’ out, in which he threw out three possible dates for the cleanup based on various theories and calculations.

The “good” thing about this: two of these three dates have already passed. We did not experience cleaning on Thursday or Friday. So the third date, which we catalog as the most probable from the outset, is still open. Consequently, the deletion would take place next Thursday, June 30, 2022.

This assumption is also backed up by a new clue that can be found on the Battlestate Games Discord. There is a manager called ‘Chernobyl_52’, which shows a constantly filling loading bar in its status. It is currently at 85 percent, but has gained many percent in recent days.

This was closely observed by the Twitter user ‘The cat came out’, among others, who in a comment writes that the status of the Discord admin in question was 83 percent “loading” yesterday and has gained a total of 14 percent in the past few days. Assuming a constant daily increase, the load bar would reach 100 percent in five days, next Wednesday. The user suspects that a big and final event is taking place in Tarkov at this time before the wipe, which would logically take place again on a Thursday (June 30).

Not very far, right?

Does the theory fit? Not necessarily. If the increase, as described in the linked comment, actually amounts to two percent per day, in five days we would only be ten percent higher than today. However, as already mentioned, the fill gauge is only at 85 percent, so theoretically we’d only be at 95 percent on Wednesday. According to this calculation, next Friday, July 1, only 99 percent would be reached, and on Saturday at the latest 100. However, it remains doubtful that the administrator really sticks so strictly to “approximately two percent daily.” .